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Although I could provide many pages of testimonials I am only providing this page for you. Because this really isn’t about me, or someone else, is it. To me life is living the journey. Life is reaching down to the depths of your soul and pulling out all that it has to offer. The laughter, the wonder, the excitement, and yes, the pain and tears as well. And what is your reward for all of this in the end? A smile on your face and no regrets when you die. So you can read the following words, and you can process and analyze them. But what have you learned? Nothing! Wisdom cannot be taught. Life is to be experienced. So if you have already made it to this page it will either give you more courage to move forward towards something you already know you should do, or it will talk you out of something you already know you should do and it will give you an excuse so it’s not your fault when you don’t. Or...?
"Sometimes I think that I want to punch you. But almost all of the time I am very grateful for having an irreplaceable friend that came along just in the nick of time. I think you know how powerful you are and how much you affect others, but just in case you need to hear it one more time, just let me assure you that you do an incredible job of reaching deep inside and pulling out all the right things to make a person whole. Thank you forever." Paula - Martha’s Vineyard.
"I could go on about all the great benefits of boot camp but I think it will suffice to say the following. I came into boot camp as a person who approached most of life intellectually. I sought assistance in approaching life physically. What I gained from you was the ability to begin to approach life spiritually. You helped me find my soul by sharing yours without reservation. Your deft handling of this group, melding us into a team from individuals, is a talent few possess and fewer dare to use. Thank you for willing to bring us together. E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, One :-) Thank you, always." Trevor - Santa Fe, N.M.
"I am awed by your ability to share yourself so thoroughly in all your humanness with us, and many others, who are seeming strangers passing through. But I believe you have developed the ability to see right past externals and quirks of personality to the light that we all shine fourth with. Whatever brought you to this path, I am sure it was divine. It’s sacred work you’re doing here macerating as an exercise class. I hope I will be able to give you something back that will serve you as well as that which I have received from you. Thank you so much." Jill - Martha’s Vineyard.
"How do I say thank you to a mentor? How do I start or stop to begin to tell you all the qualities that I have seen, that have been my experience of experiencing you? I guess I just begin. Thank you for your love Daniel and your belief in a better world and a better me. Thank you for bringing yourself and your own experience and the beauty of your soul. For the laughter as well as the tears. Your vision has given me vision and I see the human being, and the simplicity, and I am amazed and inspired to forge on, to believe in my own truth and to heal and honor myself so that one day soon I can, and will offer myself to this world and change it for the better in my own way.   All my love," Heather - Santa Fe N.M.  
"Thank you for creating the opportunity for me getting into the best physical shape I’ve been in for years. The mental aspect has offered me a way to get that part of my life in shape too. I respect your quiet tenacity, your direct look, and the honesty I received from you. It seems to me you are doing what you love. I admire that you care so much about others. It shows in your enthusiasm and yes, YOUR ATTITUDE. You express yourself in a way that made me want to listen to you. You’re not professing, you’re sharing and enlightening. Respectfully," Christopher - Martha’s Vineyard
"I am a very lucky soul. Boot Camp completely changed my life. It was for me the most enlightening experience of my life and I truly want others to experience even a tiny element of what I got out of it. I respect, support, and believe in what you do so much. Boot Camp is about learning about what you have inside you and to make it grow. It’s a passion and a desire and a drive that can only be learned through guidance and support. All of those things come from working with-in a group of people who are blessed with a leader who is able to show them the way. You have so much inside of you. Share it Daniel, and let the world see it. It will make their lives remarkable." Jane - Martha’s Vineyard. MA.
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