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Workshop Schedule

These workshops are open to anyone, and boot camp is not a prerequisite. Although I do give first preference to those who have taken or are presently taking one of the boot camps. Each workshop consists of two Sundays from 9am-2pm with a group and three private sessions with Daniel


Next Scheduled Workshop

Martha's Vineyard

January 11th, 9am - 2pm


January 25th, 9am - 2pm

      Phone: 508-627-5481

The workshops have limited spaces and they fill quickly.


Whose Path Are You On?

"I would love to provide you with a testimonial of my experience with Daniel. HOWEVER, my work with him was so deep and so, how shall I say it, “unframed”. Even having an M.A. in Depth Psychology I am hard pressed to know how to describe it. I will say that the whole process of what I went through and where I am going has been beyond my wildest dreams. I bless every moment I am here and I bless Daniel for guiding me back home."

Melissa - Santa Barbara, CA


When we are born we have no preconceptions of the world, or people in it. We don’t have hate towards others or low self esteem towards ourselves. We aren't overweight or alcoholics. We weren't born depressed. We weren't born with prejudices towards other people or countries. Religion was not part of our DNA. If these are things we are not born with, then why are addictions, depression, and obesity out of control today? Why are countries at war? Why are people in Darfur and many other parts of the world dying? Why are so many self-righteous religious people so attached to only their way, in the name of their God? Why are our children dying in Iraq?
Unfortunately this is our world today. We have become a world of reactions. Reactions based on interpreted experiences from learned behavior. We have been taught to go outward and not inward. Outward is who we have become. Inward is who we are meant to be. Outward is always pointing the finger the other way. Inward is where our intended purpose in this life is.  Inward is where our soul is.
The positive side of this is that it is learned behavior. Which means we can learn a new way to look at things. For many people, this unraveling of who they have become can be very humbling and painful. But on the other side of that pain, is true happiness.
This workshop applies to both singles and couples. If you are willing to open this door you must promise yourself that you will do the work and finish the workshop. If you can make this promise to yourself,  I will guide you back to your soul. But you must do the work.
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